لمحة موجزة حول إعتام عدسة العين المرتبط بتقدم السن

يعرف التغير المحتوم في عدسة العين والذي يقلل من شفافيتها باسم إعتام عدسة العين أو الكاتراكت أو الساد. ويعاني الأفراد المصابون بإعتام عدسة العين من ضبابية في الرؤية. عدسة العين هي جزء شفاف من العين يقع عادة خلف بؤبؤ العين (الدائرة السوداء الموجودة في منتصف العين). وعندما يدخل الضوء إلى العين عبر القرنية والعدسة، يتم [...]

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العوامل الواجب مراعاتها عند زيارة أي مرفق للرعاية الصحية

"عيونك تنطق بأكثر مما يفصح به اللسان". نحن نعيش في عالم تحكمه التكنولوجيا وشاشات الكمبيوتر وغيره من الأجهزة الرقمية، وهو ما يتطلب منا أيضًا العناية بصحة عيوننا. غالبًا ما نهمل المشاكل المتعلقة بالنظر، إلا أن التأخير قد يؤدي إلى تفاقم مشكلات خطيرة منها العمى الدائم أو ما هو أسوأ من ذلك – سرطان العيون الذي [...]

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Medical Waste Disposal: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Currently there are several federal and state regulations that must be followed when it comes to the proper disposal of medical waste. Compliance is important as failure to do so means having to pay substantial fines if you fail the Department of Natural Resources' audit. To prepare for the next one if you haven't undergone [...]

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Non-surgical treatments of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the physical disorder that involves enlargement of the breast gland in males at any stage of life, especially during puberty and old ages, due to imbalance and lack of male hormones. Pubertal cases are usually temporary and started showing the signs of recovery within six months and self-rectified within the time period of [...]

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How to operate semi-automatic washing machines?

Image Courtesy by A semi-automatic washing machine is also known as a twin tub. It has two sections; a washtub where laundry is treated and another is spin dryer that rinse the water out of the clothes and dry them. To improve the lifecycle and effectiveness of the appliance, plan the wash [...]

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Classification & valuable facts on Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Image Courtesy by The start of spring season in Japan brings one of the greatest wonders of Mother Nature and we know it as Japanese Cherry Blossoms. The flowers bloom on cherry trees and turns into full, glorious pink and white during spring when Japan is all set to celebrate national day. [...]

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Pros and Cons of Day Nurseries

Image Whether you are a single parent or both of you are working professionals who are seeking for a suitable kindergarten facility to give a healthy start to your child. Then you are free to choose the most apt among the plenty of dedicated options available in your community. Selection should be [...]

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How to clean-off mould from refrigerator

Image Courtesy: The moment you close the door to your refrigerator after shutting off the power, the inside temperature rises creating a perfect condition for mould development! Lack of ventilation and dampness stimulates mould growth which is quite harmful for the food and refrigerator’s performance. Mould generate toxins that causing various allergies [...]

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Five steps to a neat & spotless shower

Bathroom shower is where we clean ourselves so we should keep the place spotless as well. Bathing soaps won’t help here in-fact, shower is likely to get messier. Using the right cleaning solution and following preventive measures would certainly help with personal hygiene as well as shower cleaning. Initial rinse The first step involves rinsing [...]

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