8 Recommended Swimsuits for Your Summer Getaway

  Women feel the anxiety when choosing the best swimsuit for their bodies. Selecting best that would fit takes time and patience. Finding the best swimsuit that will flatter the body will go a long way in taming the anxiety feeling. Swimsuits are categorized into categories of body shapes and structure, so women must know [...]

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Nano-technology for car detailing Dubai

Like many other industries, car care market is always on the lookout for breakthrough technology and products that promises a better vehicle in every aspect be it a shiny body, effective scratch removal, beading and so on. The adoption of “Nano technology” seems to be the ride almost every other vehicle manufacture and service provider [...]

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All you need to know about the Ripe Food & Craft Market

From Zabeel Park, Dubai Under the sponsorship of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum; the Ripe Fruit and Craft Market comes to Dubai every Friday at Zabeel Park, Gate 2 spreading colours and aim towards healthy foods. Due to tremendous feedback from customers and success history, the shopping hours have been extended. Now [...]

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Things to consider before processing a travel visa

Image Courtesy by Travel visa is a document, which is necessary to obtain to tour abroad. It allows individuals to enter in a particular country for a specific period of time for certain reasons like work, studies or holidaying. It is a kind of official endorsement allocated by foreign country officials to [...]

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How to operate semi-automatic washing machines?

Image Courtesy by A semi-automatic washing machine is also known as a twin tub. It has two sections; a washtub where laundry is treated and another is spin dryer that rinse the water out of the clothes and dry them. To improve the lifecycle and effectiveness of the appliance, plan the wash [...]

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Ten best Luxury Watches for men & Women

Image Courtesy: The time keeping devices, which we wear on wrist now, were first created before World War I. Initially, only women were allowed to wear them on the wrist; however, soldiers started wearing them on the wrists during the World War I. Exclusively used to tell the time, design and functional [...]

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How to pick the perfect shaped sunglasses?

Eyeglasses are commonly used across the world for a number of different reasons. If it is being worn to optimize the vision of an individual performing some tasks, it becomes specialty eyewear. Having considered personal needs and lifestyle, you can choose to wear a suitable among a wide variety from prescription, computer, sporting and diving [...]

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A brief traveller’s guide to Dubai, UAE

A visit to Dubai between mid October and April is best as weather is mildest, unless you enjoy excruciating heat and dampness. The gleaming skyscrapers set against golden Arabian Desert makes Dubai a dream destination. Apart from mammoth constructions, city is home to some of the world’s famous and biggest shopping malls such as The [...]

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