5 reasons why car hire isn’t stressful

Image Courtesy: Although car hire services have been around for years, it fails to achieve a worthy reputation mostly because of flawed companies swindling gullible customers for some extra dough. Putting aside all that pessimism, let’s have a look at the positive side of car rental and how to make your next [...]

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How to spend memorable holidays in Dubai?

Image Courtesy: Dubai, the second largest UAE emirate has got itself recognized among the most gorgeous destinations on this earth. Its white sandy beaches, year round sunshine and warm winters effortlessly make it a perfect holidaying spot in this region. In addition to this natural beauty, luxury lifestyle, breathtaking entertainment and fun [...]

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Get the best hotel deals on the go!

Accommodation is the foremost dilemma when people go out for vacations. They hunt for the finest places but don’t get hold of any. The moment comes when it is the time to leave and the hotels are not far yet decided people then book the most expensive hotels which are not even close by and [...]

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Introduction to Adventure Tourism

  Adventure travel has been an integral part of world’s culture since the coming of early explorers. As per National Tour Association; “It’s referred to a tour that encompasses various adventure activities like mountaineering, hiking, rafting, cycling and more.” Whether you think of it being sports driven, ultimate recreation or game for riches; adventure and [...]

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Five Must See Things When in UAE

It’s quite difficult to choose only a few great things to see in UAE as the region is overall magnificent, filled with wonders! The seven emirate federation traverses mountains, desert and sea bearing remarkable sites and some of the most modern buildings ever found around the world. Still, we’ve managed to gather a list of [...]

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Things to consider before processing a travel visa

Image Courtesy by Travel visa is a document, which is necessary to obtain to tour abroad. It allows individuals to enter in a particular country for a specific period of time for certain reasons like work, studies or holidaying. It is a kind of official endorsement allocated by foreign country officials to [...]

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Pros & cons of citizenship test unveiled

Image Courtesy: Hundreds to thousands of individuals take citizenship test each year. For instance in 2009, more than 700,000 applicants passed the U.S. Citizenship Test and became legal citizens however the fact that whether such tests are required remains controversial. Some believe them to be a crucial part of citizenship process while [...]

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All-inclusive guide to Antigua

Antigua is one of the most accepted and established among the Leeward Islands. Primary attractions of Antigua are its 365 beaches so one can visit each per day for entire year. Majority of the beaches resides within the peaceful and confined waters of Caribbean island. The best part is; there’s no restriction over accessibility so [...]

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How to legally change the status of your residence?

Changing the present state of your legal residence nowadays is surprisingly easy however proving that you did so is completely the other way around. To be a legal resident of a particular state, simply move to the place with the intention of permanent stay, blend in with the commoners, learn about culture and practice what [...]

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A brief History, Concept & Evolution of Citizenship Program

The fall of the USSR, disintegration of colonial empires and withdrawals of nationalists all around the world led to a massive proliferation of new sovereign states. In 1945, there were around 74 independent nations but today, the number exceeds 200. The unison of all the individual states and representation of main political subdivision in the [...]

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