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No matter you are a full time blogger, a pastime writer or a freelance copywriter, if you have passion for writing, we have an outlet for you! We invite people from all backgrounds to share their interests, experiences and demonstrate their flair for writing to a wider audience. Simple, we get you heard!

We encourage diversity not just in lifestyle but in copy and blogs as well. Whether you write straight or argumentative, descriptive, experiential or knowledge based, we welcome every style and expression!

On what topics?

Sorting and fixing into our categories is our job, so do not hesitate to share! We believe in giving a human touch, a freedom of thought and therefore, we are interested in all kinds of topics of life. All we need a piece of reflection that people could relate to.

Rules for your article

If you are aiming to submit an article that features more text than images:

  • Perfect Word count: Your full article (500-800 words) with a title and sub categories or titles in a word document.
  • Authenticity: We strictly condemn plagiarism. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online. Submit original content or else, we will immediately delete your profile and the entire article from our blog. So avoid copying others people write ups.
  • No-irrelevant Links: Irrelevant link will not be allowed in our site. Link should be related to topic related.
  • Credit: We appreciate appreciation. Therefore, if any image or any idea, you have used is someone else work, please give credit for it.
  • Screenshot + Video: Every article is incomplete , if there is no image , so please add relevant image or video so that  your article is complete
  • No Affiliate link: We do not allow affiliate links on our website. Please avoid adding affiliate link in your article. If you wish to have it, identify why, approval or disapproval will solely be our discretion.
  • Sponsored/Advertisement Posts: If you like to publish your sponsored or Advertisement post, just drop us a mail at bloomest.ae@gmail.com
  • About Author Bio: You are allowed to use 1 link below post as author bio, currently we are allowing link branding which we think is safe for both for your website and ours.


Have a question?

If you have any query, do not hesitate to raise it. Feel free to drop your query at info@bloomest.ae for more clarity!

Looking forward to hearing from you!